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VOSaroma essential oil diffuser. Made with sustainable materials and elegant design. Create a mist with your favorite essences to infuse your home with the benefits of essential oils and aromas that make you feel good.

We know that you love your furniture and its mist will be dispersed in the environment without wetting them, thanks to the fact that it does not use heat and the anti-drip closure that it has. We have thought of everything! Oh by the way, it’s very quiet 🤫

Check our product sheets to find the best mixes according to what you need. Create the right atmosphere at every moment in your home with the essential oil diffuser and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of VOS Pure Essence oils.



How to use essential oils in humidifier

How to use: Fill the interior tank with water up to the indicator and pour in the drops of your favorite essences to create a pleasant mist with the therapeutic benefits of the VOS Pure Essence oils. You have 3 modes of use, 1, 3 or 8 hours. In addition, if you keep the time button pressed for 2 seconds you can activate the night function for your nightly relaxation rituals and sleep peacefully.

It has various light modes that will help you achieve the environment you are looking for, ideal for creating that relaxing environment that we need when the day ends or we are in our moment of meditation.

The water tank is 180ml which allows it to have an autonomy of more than 16 hours of use.

It is well insulated so the water does not spill and the mist is cold so it does not wet the furniture or create stains on fabrics or clothes.


Capacity: 180ml

Functions: 1, 3, 8h and 30 minute sleep mode

Various intensities of warm light, perfect for your moments of relaxation

Diffusion area: 30m2


We recommend using water passed through osmosis or active carbon filters and proper maintenance by cleaning the ultrasound emitter with a cotton pad.

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