Lime oil Cold pressed

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Lime essential oil is extracted by cold pressing or steam distillation from the skin of lime, the aromatic and juicy citrus fruit of Citrus Aurantifolia Swingle. Also known by the name of “Lemon Tree” this tree is native to Southeast Asia but its cultivation spread to the Mediterranean and in tropical and subtropical North America, especially in Mexico, Florida and California. Limes are a rich source of vitamin C and carry a higher sugar content than lemon and are often used to accentuate the flavors of foods and beverages, especially to push citrus and fruit notes. Lime essential oil can also be obtained by steam distillation of the fruit peel but it has a very different smell and profile compared to the cold pressing method offering fresher and fruitier notes.

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Product description: cold-pressed lime oil.

Aroma: citrus, fresh, fruity

Botanical Name: Citrus Aurantifolia Swingle

Countries of origin: Mexico

Extraction Method: Cold Expression

Plant part: fruit skin

Applications: In the preparation of aromas and/or fragrances, in mixtures of essences for air fresheners and diffusers.

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