Parsley oil

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Parsley is a fragrant biennial herbaceous plant of the Apiaceae family, which can reach 80 cm in height. Its flowers are yellowish white, and are grouped in axillary umbels. Its fruit is small, in the shape of a pale green globe. The name of parsley derives from the Greek “petroselion” which means “stone celery” and “sativum” which means “fit to be cultivated”. In ancient times it was used in tombs to honor the deceased. Parsley was highly appreciated by the Romans who gave it to gladiators before combat, and Christopher Columbus used parsley to combat gout pain.

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Product description: Parsley essential oil 100% pure and natural.

Aroma: Herbaceous, spicy

Botanical name: Petroselinum sativum hoffm. (p. crispum)

Country of origin:

Extraction method: Steam distillation

Part of the plant: Leaves

Cultivation method: Conventional

Main components:


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