Sandalwood Essential Oil

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Suppliers of sandalwood essential oil, which is extracted by aqueous or steam distillation from the roots and heartwood of the wood. The result is a viscous liquid of pale yellow, greenish or brownish color with an intense light, sweet woody and balsamic scent.

In ancient times it was used to achieve spiritual harmony and to cleanse the thoughts. Nowadays we can find it in different presentations such as: pure essential oil, creams or ointments, in cosmetic products, perfumes, soaps and incense sticks for aromatherapy sessions. Above all, it is used for the health and good appearance of the skin.

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Product description: 100% pure and natural genuine sandalwood essential oil.

Scent: Woody

Botanical name: Santalum album L.

Country of origin: India

Extraction Method: Steam Pull

Plant part: trunk wood and branches

Cultivation method: conventional

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