Refined Sweet Almond Oil

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The almond is native to the Mediterranean climatic region of the Middle East, from Syria and Turkey eastward as far as Pakistan and India. This vegetable almond oil is extracted directly and by pressing to obtain an oil rich in proteins and mineral salts. After being pressed, it is filtered to obtain a light yellow oil with a mild almond scent.

We are wholesalers due to its widespread use for massages, both for its anti-inflammatory properties and its moisturizing effect. Almond oil is especially recommended in cases of dryness, dehydration or flaking. It can be applied to damp skin after bathing or showering.

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Product description: 100% pure and natural genuine refined sweet almond oil.

Aroma: odorless

Botanical name: Prunus amygdalus dulcis

Countries of origin: Spain

Extraction method: Cold expression

Plant part: Seeds

Cultivation method: conventional

Harvest season: 

 Main components: Oleic acid, linoleic acid

Applications: As Carrier for creating fragrances, in blends of essences for air fresheners and essential oil diffusers or in the production of cosmetics for topical use.

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