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The world of essential oils for the home is totally addictive. In the different proposals we find not only multiple aromas, but also many other inherent benefits for our health. These are the 10 essential oils that you should try in your home at least once. 

Eucalyptus essential oil for home 

This oil is highly recommended for people with respiratory difficulties or as a method to improve these functions naturally. In addition, it provides a scent that penetrates all rooms leaving a fragrant trail of freshness and calm. 

aceite de eucalipto Lavender essential oil, relax at home

This is the best known essential oil for its relaxing properties that are enhanced by a very pleasant scent. It is suitable for all rooms, but it is especially useful to use it in bedrooms for rest.

Tea tree essential oil

The properties of tea tree oil are still being studied, but for the moment those that are known are not few. At home it will help us to control the appearance of mold and neutralize the smell of moisture, in fact, it is even possible with it to remove some stains produced by this.  

aceite de árbol de té

Rosemary oil for the home 

The use of rosemary essential oil at home is highly recommended for work or study rooms. Additionally, it stimulates the immune system. Another added benefit.

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Lemon essential oil for home

The scent of lemon is fresh so it is valid both to refresh environments such as the bathroom, as well as to stimulate creativity and good mood in work or study rooms. It is excellent for daytime use.

Mandarin essential oil 

This oil provides a fresh scent and very different from lemon. It can have a relaxing effect so it is interesting for those moments when we want a revitalizing and relaxing scent at the same time.

aceite de naranja

Bergamot essential oil for the home 

The smell of this essential oil for the home is very cozy and sedative so it can be a perfect alternative for those who want to try something different from lavender. 

Ylang Ylang Oil for Stress Relief 

The scent of Ylang-Ylang essence is well known in perfumery and also in the cosmetic sector. Its scent creates a relaxing, exotic atmosphere with a certain sensual touch, so it can be another element to magnify the sensations in moments of intimacy.

aceite de ylang Cherry blossom essential oil 

The scent of this home essential oil is irresistible, stimulating and inspiring, so it can be used in study rooms, offices and even living rooms to lighten the atmosphere. Its slightly sweet floral fragrance floats gently in the air causing a symphony of pleasant sensations. 

Peppermint essential oil 

Peppermint oil for the home stands out for its stimulating and refreshing power, it is a good ally for respiratory health and against mosquitoes, as is eucalyptus oil, with which it can also be mixed to achieve a more relaxing effect.

Have you already tried all our essential oils?

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