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More and more beauty professionals are using essential oils in their treatments because of their great effectiveness, as they allow us to personalize the skin imbalances much more. The causes that generate imbalances in the skin can be for many reasons, food, stress, environment, season of the year, etc.

Not all essential oils are going to be used at facial level because there are molecules that are very dermocaustic and their odors are too strong to put them so close to the nose, we will mention some essential oils that are suitable for facial treatments.

Skin care is health care

We need to protect ourselves from the environment, from the sun, from tobacco, from excess alcohol. Happiness and inner peace are also important. It doesn’t matter how much we take care of our skin if we live in constant stress. This is reflected in the skin because it causes free radicals. The skin is a reflection of our inner self. The appearance of our skin tells us how our body is functioning physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The skin performs the following functions:

  1. Capacity of resistance and protection to our internal environment from external aggressions.
  2. Protection against the attack of microorganisms, the skin acts as a protective shield, thus, a wound in the skin is a gateway for germs to enter our body.
  3. Protection against ultraviolet radiation, the skin absorbs and prevents a large part of the ultraviolet radiation we receive from passing into our body. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation leads to structural alterations and mutations which, in the worst case, could cause skin tumors.
  4. Thermoregulation, the existence of vascular plexuses in the skin allows us to retain or eliminate heat according to the needs of our organism at any given moment.
  5. Perception and localization of stimuli, the skin contains a large number of nerve endings that are responsible for perceiving and locating different stimuli; tactile, painful, pressure, vibration, etc.
  6. Intervention in the metabolism of vitamin D, this vitamin is synthesized from a precursor of cholesterol. When the skin is exposed to sunlight, ultraviolet radiation penetrates the epidermis and converts this precursor into vitamin D3. Once synthesized, the vitamin leaves the skin and enters the circulation. With aging, the skin’s ability to form this vitamin decreases. This is compounded by the fact that the elderly person generally spends little time in the sun. Both of these factors contribute to vitamin deficiency and increase the risk of bone demineralization.
  7. Absorption of substances, thanks to this function we can use the skin as a way to administer drugs.
  8. Cosmetics and aesthetics, our appearance is the first thing that others perceive. We strive to keep our body clean and attractive, an aspect in which the skin plays a fundamental role.

Essential oils will help us to recover a healthier appearance together with vegetable oils, but we must not forget that we must always dilute them.

One of the consequences that makes our skin is not balanced are the emotions, depending on our mood our skin will make us mirror. Remember that essential oils will help us to calm the nervous system, to relax our expression lines and consequently have a better appearance.

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How to balance oily skin? 

For an oily skin we can use different essential oils depending on the causes that generate this imbalance, in this case there is an excess of sebaceous glands that we have to balance, for example; we could use a tea tree, a lavender, a geranium.

Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree essential oil is well known for its disinfectant properties, it helps us to remove excess oil from the skin, it is soothing and provides regeneration of the skin tissue. It also helps us to reinforce those energies lost due to daily wear and tear and stress.

Lavender essential oil

Our beloved lavender, should never be missing in our daily medicine cabinet, we know that it has many utilities, one of them is to help fight those germs that contaminate our skin in addition to regenerate and soothe both the skin and our mood. When we are nervous our nervous system becomes unbalanced, lavender has the ability to bring us to recover that lost harmony.

Geranium essential oil

Geranium has the virtue of calming inflammations and irritations of any etiology, whether eczema, wounds, psoriasis, it brings us balance and helps us to improve those broken capillaries. Its floral aroma brings us calm and security in those moments of weakness.

In a bowl add a little jojoba vegetable oil that will help us to regulate the sebaceous glands along with the essential oil that we have chosen, add two drops mix and apply all over the face until completely absorbed, in these cases we could apply it both day and night.

We can also use citrus that will be effective, but in these cases the application will be at night, we will perform the same steps but we will use other types of oils such as lemon, orange, even we can mix them together, add a drop of each and then apply.

Lemon essential oil

Lemon is a purifier of the skin, it helps us to remove excess sebum, illuminating our skin, its aroma in general brings well-being at all levels, it is cleansing, promotes concentration and the ability to remember.

Orange essential oil

Orange helps us to detoxify the skin by contributing to the formation of collagen, restoring tone and tissue regeneration. It makes us feel happier, it is a scent that inspires harmony.


Oils for the skin, recover your shine and hydration. 

For dry skin, as in all skin disorders we can use several essential oils, we name some of them that will bring us that much needed hydration and help us to stimulate the sebaceous glands. As vegetable oil we can use rosehip, it is an excellent oil to recover the balance in dry skin, in essential oils we can use a palmarrosa, lavender, incense, orange, bergamot, remember that citrus fruits will be applied at night. We will perform the same action of application as in the case of oily skin.

Palmarosa essential oil

Palmarosa is a good anti-wrinkle, as it helps to restore the water in the skin so necessary in dry skin, regenerating the tissues and activating the cutaneous circulation. It calms the agitated mint favoring recovery, helping to heal and accelerate the healing process.

Lavender essential oil

As mentioned above, lavender has many virtues, when we treat dry skin, we notice that it is more aged because of the lack of sebum necessary for the dermis. It repairs these skin lesions helping to find the lost balance.

Frankincense essential oil

The dry skin presents more wrinkles than normal, due to the lack of sebum in the skin, the incense revitalizes the aged skins, soothes and heals the lesions of the dermis and inflammations. It brings us vital energy, strengthens our exhausted mind.

Orange essential oil

In these cases it is very important to stimulate the collagen so necessary to provide elasticity as it normally loses it and consequently wrinkles are more accentuated. By relaxing the mind we soften our expression lines.

Bergamot essential oil

Bergamot is analgesic and soothing, it treats the affections and infections of the dermis, such as psoriasis, wounds, eczema. It is a balancer of the nervous system, soothing those moments of sadness and exhaustion.


Oils for the skin, facial masks

We can also make clay masks and enrich them with essential oils. In a bowl add white clay and a little water, mix until it has a Greek yogurt texture, then add 4 drops of essential oil depending on your skin type, examples;

Oily skin, tea tree essential oil, dry skin, palmarosa essential oil, sensitive skin, lavender essential oil, aged skin, frankincense essential oil. Apply all over the face, leave on for about 30 minutes, remove with water. Finally, apply the vegetable oil and essential oil of your choice.

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