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With a lot of interesting literature on the subject, essential oils have been researched for years. In fact, we have taken the culture of natural infusion to cosmetic treatments, cleaning and other purposes. We tell you what are the main properties of essential oils and how you can take advantage of them.

A health ally with a long history

The history of essential oils began when we started to look to nature for less aggressive treatments for common ailments. It reached its peak when technology allowed us to provide them and take advantage of their properties in multiple ways, including through oils that condense them into a valuable and rich elemental liquid.

What exactly are essential oils?

The main properties of essential oils are found in the concentration of vegetable raw materials such as plants, flowers, roots, trees, leaves, etc. The raw materials are collected and distilled or their full potential is utilized by means of an extraction system. After processing, these valuable, non-greasy and light liquids remain, which offer us so many benefits and possibilities.

Descubre cuáles son las principales propiedades de los aceites esenciales

Unique properties of each essential oil

The main properties of an essential oil depend on the properties of the base material. For example, the properties of tea tree and cinnamon essential oils are not the same. They can be combined in different ways to take advantage of both, but the treatment, unless they are complementary plants, must be done separately.

An example of combinable oils are those of eucalyptus and peppermint, ideal for better breathing.

Bearing this in mind, what we can do is to group essential oils according to their mode of use.

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Ways of using the main properties of essential oils

Depending on the way in which we use an essential oil, we will be able to enjoy its main properties in different ways.

Topical use

There are essential oils whose properties can be used topically, such as anti-wrinkle oils or those effective against cellulite. Essential oils are effectively absorbed.

Descubre cuáles son las principales propiedades de los aceites esenciales


Aromatherapy is another way in which we can take advantage of the main properties of essential oils, especially the benefits at a mental level and, in cases of help to breathe in a healthy environment, too.

Use in cosmetics

Essential oils have evolved over time to become a fundamental part of our lives. Their cosmetic properties were already known at the dawn of the discovery of the main properties of essential oils.

Their active ingredients help to combat many conditions such as acne, cellulite or the effects of aging. Skin problems that can be treated naturally with specific oils for each application. Argan essential oil and rosehip essential oil are well known in this field.

Descubre cuáles son las principales propiedades de los aceites esenciales

Sanitizing properties of essential oils

The wide variety of applications available today allows us to enjoy another of the main properties of an essential oil. One of the most important is the task of sanitizing and improving the health of our spaces. Among the most popular essential oils for use at home is tea tree essential oil, which helps in the elimination of lice and can be applied to the scalp.

Peppermint and eucalyptus have also earned their place among the best essential oils for unloading and improving the air we breathe.

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Medicinal properties

Peppermint and eucalyptus are two powerful helpers in respiratory diseases or conditions. They can be used topically or through humidifiers, steam baths, to clean the spaces where the person is convalescing, etc.

There is a lot of literature about the main medicinal properties of essential oils, we will gradually explain them to you so that you can become a specialist in the use of these valuable natural resources.

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