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Aromatherapy can serve many purposes, a clear example is the line of aromatherapy essential oils to breathe better. We tell you which are the best and why.

Peppermint, the favorite aromatherapy essential oil for better breathing

Peppermint is present in chewing gum, candies and multiple products to help cure colds or coughs. It is also a great ally to treat nausea or fatigue as it refreshes as well as stimulates.

The popularity of peppermint essential oil as aromatherapy for better breathing is supported by its extensive list of properties, including expectorant, which helps relieve cases of congestion. Apart from the above, it is a great digestive, analgesic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, decongestant and stimulant, among other things, all this in one product and natural!

Eucalyptus, the best-known essential oil for better breathing

An ancient remedy for better breathing was to boil eucalyptus leaves in water and breathe in the steam. It is a very effective natural expectorant, which is why it is so popular for treating breathing problems.

You no longer need to boil eucalyptus leaves, you can use eucalyptus essential oil in different ways: applied directly to the chest area, where it is easy to smell, or by using an essential oil-based aroma diffuser. Eucalyptus is the active ingredient that provides the benefits we can obtain from eucalyptus essential oil as aromatherapy for better breathing. It helps to reduce cough, decongesting the chest.


Tea tree oil, aromatherapy to breathe better and maintain a healthy environment

Tea tree essential oil is not only popular as aromatherapy to breathe better for its decongestant properties and effective against infections that, although it is not a substitute in any case, as in the previous cases, of a medical treatment; it is a powerful collaborating agent.

Its active ingredients not only help to soothe coughs, but also to reduce the production of mucus in the body and relieve wheezing in the chest.

How to use aromatherapy essential oils to breathe better?

When the direct purpose is to protect and improve respiratory health, the ideal is to use essential oils in two ways. One of them is the one we already told you about:

Count on the diffuser to enjoy aromatherapy

To enjoy the properties that help to clear the chest and breathe better we can use them applied to a diffuser or boil water, if you do not have one, and put a few drops in it, letting the water evaporate dispersing the smell in the environment.

The latter is a home remedy, but it will work in the most severe cases of cold or nasal or chest congestion.

Kit Esencial Direct application

These essential oils can also be used topically, by rubbing them on the chest. In this way their scent will penetrate more easily through our respiratory tract acting immediately.

A good idea is to place it as an air freshener in the room before going to sleep to unload the atmosphere and improve air quality, and then apply it topically before going to rest.

If you want to know more about our oils or want professional advice, please contact us.

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