Palmarosa essential oil – 10 ml

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Palmarosa essential oil 100% pure and natural.

AROMA: Mild, green, pink

Palmarosa essential oil properties

  • Regulates emotions and provides mental energy
  • Nourishes and rejuvenates the appearance of the skin
  • Ideal for comforting and stimulating massages
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Palmarosa essential oil properties

Palmarosa essential oil has a fresh, floral note. It is a perfect oil to nourish all of youbunch of skins It has notes similar to geranium and rose due to its geraniol content, which is why it shares properties that give us energy and regulate emotions. Very useful for those moments when we need a push to face the day with a good mentality.

Palmarosa oil has natural antioxidant, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. This makes it an ally for skin care, giving it a remarkable shine and care.

The acne. Its antibacterial properties can reduce the bacteria that cause those pesky pimples. It can also remove excess skin cells and pore-clogging oils, leaving you with smoother, cleaner skin.

Eczema and psoriasis. Palmarosa oil can be very calming. It can reduce inflammation and act as a barrier to prevent dry, cracked skin.

Antiaging treatment. The antioxidants in the oil can help fight free radicals that cause wrinkles. It can also help your skin retain moisture and may reduce the appearance of scars.

Characteristics of Palmarosa essential oil

Botanical name

 Cymbopogon martinii

País de origen


Extraction method

By steam distillation

plant part



Geraniol and Geranyl Acetate



Palmarosa essential oil uses and applications

Palmarosa essential oil for aromatherapy

Clarify thoughts: Spread several drops in your diffuser VOS

Calm, providing well-being, increasing the strength of the soul.

Refreshes and clears the mind.


Hydration: Palmarosa essential oil helps us restore the water balance in the skin, it is useful for the hydration of healthy skin.

In a 50ml container. Add, 10 drops of palmarosa + 12 drops of frankincense mix with vegetable almond oil.

Palmarosa essential oil for hair

The most recognized symptom is redness, due to increased blood flow, which, as these small vessels dilate, at the same time lose elasticity and end up dilated.

Palmarosa helps us to minimize these aspects, 

In a 50ml container. Add 10 drops of palmarosa + 5 drops of lemon + 5 drops of myrrh + 5 drops of lavender, mix with vegetable almond oil.


Cutaneous mycoses: Mycosis is caused by fungi, it can be caused by many factors, one of them is the humid and warm climate.

We can locate them on the skin, nails, hair, etc.

Essential oils provide an environment where fungi cannot live due to the properties they have.

In a 50ml container. Add 30 drops of palmarosa + 3 drops of cinnamon + 10 drops of lavender, mix with vegetable almond oil.

Maximum Dilution for topical use: 2% for facial use-4% for body use

Contraindications of essential oil of palmarosa

Although it is recommended for all types of people, pregnant women are advised to use palmarosa essential oil after consulting with their doctor.
In case of asthma episodes, it is also preferable to consult a doctor before using it.
Remember that for topical facial use, the maximum solution will be 2% and for body use, 4%.
Write to us at, chat or send us your question and we can give you more explanations depending on your case.

Why choose our Palmarosa essential oil?

If this is your first time entering the world of aromatherapy, the best way is to do it with 100% pure essential oils, like our Palmarosa essential oil.

En VOS Pure Essence we cultivate our own fields to choose the best qualities of essential oils for you. In addition, we adjust our production processes so that each bottle contains just what you need. The pure essence of natural and ecological palmarosa.

That is why we can guarantee that the oil that arrives at your home will be of excellent quality and you will be able to enjoy all its properties in your daily routine.

Combinations for Palmarosa essential oil

It can be fun, stimulating but also challenging. Blending essential oils requires time, care, and attention. There are so many types to choose from it can be a maze.
The main thing is that you are clear about the objective of your combination, for example, to enhance the effects of the oils. The key is to achieve a formula that gives you those therapeutic effects you want.
So the first step is to classify the oils by their benefits. You have already seen that Palmarosa essential oil gives us energy and regulates emotions, being very useful for those moments when we need a boost to face the day with a good mentality.
Therefore, you can make combinations with other energizing oils such as: bergamot, rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus, sage, peppermint, tea tree, cypress, pine, basil, grapefruit and ginger.
If you are looking to enhance its relaxing effect, the best combinations are obtained with: geranium, lavender, bergamot, neroli, jasmine, lemon balm, patchouli or sandalwood.
Mixing within a category with similar properties is always a success. If this is your first time making your own combinations at home, try this method and above all, enjoy the art of aromatherapy.

Practical tips to get the most out of Palmarosa essential oil

Many people are unaware that most oils can be kept for at least two years before they begin to degrade. Still, experts recommend replacing essential oils every three years to be safe.
During that time, it is advisable to store it in a cool, dry place. It is important that it is away from light but with our jars, you can be calm because as they are topaz in color, they prevent the effect of sunlight on the oils.
If you make your own blends with palmarosa essential oil, follow the same recommendations. Finally, once opened, avoid leaving them uncovered.

Where should we apply palmarosa oil?

There are different options so you can adapt the use to your needs or preferences. If you prefer orally, you can take 1 drop of organic palmarosa essential oil up to 3 times a day. You can combine it with a little honey if you want to feel a better mood. In the world of aromatherapy, it is a symbol of tranquility and balance for the emotions.
If you want to apply it to the skin directly, 2 drops of Palmarosa essential oil is enough. And finally, as with other types of oils, the diffuser is the perfect method to take advantage of all its benefits in a room in the house.

Frequently Asked Questions About Palmarosa Essential Oil

Although it is very easy to include its essence in your facial and body care, we leave you the answers to the most common questions that our community asks us. If you also have others, do not hesitate to write to us so we can add it to this section.

Can palmarosa oil be used cutaneously?

Yes, it is one of the uses for which it stands out as it is incredibly soft and easy to tolerate for all skin types. On the one hand, it is ideal for all skin conditions, from acne, eczema, sores, erythema or psoriasis. Being a very soothing oil, it can reduce inflammation and act as a barrier to prevent dry, cracked skin. It also has a moisturizing effect, which you can maximize by adding a drop of Palmarosa essential oil to your day cream. In this way, it is possible to maintain control of sebum secretion and favor the renewal of skin cells. Plus, it removes excess skin cells and pore-clogging oils, leaving you with smoother, cleaner skin. Many of the anti-aging treatments include its essence, because it helps fight free radicals that cause wrinkles and prevents the skin from retaining moisture. Finally, if you like to relax and spend a little time, you can give yourself a massage at the end of the day with this oil, as it is comforting and stimulating. Don't you deserve it?

Can palmarosa oil be used in children?

It is recommended to use it in a diffuser so that its use is safe.

Can Palmarosa Oil Be Used During Pregnancy?

Surely you already know all the therapeutic properties of aromatherapy but even so, as they are highly concentrated substances, they must be used and dosed correctly. However, both in pregnancy and lactation, palmarosa oil is one of those that is not usually recommended or, at least, its excessive dosage should be avoided. It is best not to use an essential oil if you are not sure and above all, consult your doctor with any questions. In addition, there are many other essential oils that are suitable for pregnancy and that can be used from the first weeks of gestation, so do not give up aromatherapy. Just find the most valuable one for this stage.

Can I have allergic reactions to Palmarosa essential oil?

Probably not. It is a safe oil and the studied dosages allow a good use with the recommended dosages on the packaging, however each skin is unique and we recommend starting with the dosages indicated on our packaging and observing if there is any effect.

Is Palmarosa essential oil phototoxic?

No, it is not considered phototoxic. Citrus fruits are usually phototoxic and other oils. This is because they have aromatic compounds that break down in the sun and can cause allergic reactions.

What areas of the body are sensitive to Palmarosa essential oil?

It is recommended that essential oils do not come into contact with eyes and mucous membranes of our body. The skin has a very good acceptance of this wonderful oil.

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