Rosemary essential oil – 10 ml

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100% pure and natural rosemary essential oil.

AROMA: fresh, woody, herbaceous

Main benefits

  • relieve contractures
  • Improves circulation
  • Airway decongestant
  • Body firming.

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Rosemary essential oil in detail

Rosemary is known as the plant of memory, due to the stimulation it causes, a state of alertness and concentration that can help you in those difficult exams or tests where you need to squeeze your gray matter.

In addition, when you put a few drops of rosemary essential oil in your diffuser, it can help at the respiratory level, as well as its topical use, causing that heat that cineol gives us, improving blood circulation.

Rosemary can be found throughout the Mediterranean area. It is a crop plant wild with presence in almost all the countries of the Mediterranean Sea. The plant grows abundantly in Spain and Morocco. Depending on the growing area, the components of the plant change. In Spain it is camphorated, which is used more for circulatory treatments, and in Morocco, as in this case, it is the cineole type, with respiratory properties. 

Rosemary essential oil is a pale yellow to colorless liquid with a strong, fresh, woody, herbaceous note, also somewhat medicinal. It is a product widely used in fragrances, soaps and flavors (meats and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages).

It has many properties such as antimicrobial, analgesic, carminative, fungicidal.

Botanical name

Rosmarinus officinalis cineoliferum

País de origen

North of Africa

Extraction method

By steam distillation

plant part

Whole plant without stem


1,8 cineol, alpha pinene





Congestion: Pour 3 drops on a tissue and inhale after cleaning the nasal passages

Wake:  The aroma of rosemary gives us back that desire to live, helping us with that mental clarity, creativity, it gives us positivity towards life, it helps us open up to it. Spread several drops in your diffuser VOS


Renew the appearance of your skin: When we activate blood circulation, our skin becomes brighter, more hydrated.

Mix in a 100 ml container. 40 drops of rosemary + 20 drops of geranium + 20 drops of cypress, mix with the most suitable vegetable oil for your skin type.


Physical fatigue: In a bath, mix 10 drops with a tablespoon of vegetable oil or whole milk.

Ccontractures: When we get stressed, in general, our body contracts, which can cause muscular discomfort. To alleviate and provide us with that energy that we lack, we can use rosemary oil together with other essential oils.

In a 100 ml container add 40 drops of rosemary + 40 drops of marjoram + 20 drops of vetiver, mix with vegetable almond oil.

Maximum Dilution for topical use: 2% for facial use-4% for body use


Do not use in children under 7 years of age. Prohibited during the first trimester of pregnancy and lactation.

Do not use during pregnancy or lactation.   

Always use essential oils diluted in a vegetable oil

Contraindicated in cases of hypertension.

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