Tea Tree essential oil – 10ml

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100% pure and natural tea tree essential oil.

AROMA: woody, earthy, camphoraceous


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Tea Tree Oil Uses



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Tea tree essential oil is one of the best known oils. It has a green, woody aroma with a slight medicinal note. It is a very versatile oil, it is a basic in the family medicine cabinet.

Tea tree essential oil is extracted from a small tree or bush native to Australia and well known for its anti-infective properties. The leaves of the bush are similar to those of a cypress with purplish-yellow flowers. The tree is produced primarily in Australia, but can also be found in similar quality in South Africa.

The tree was used by Australian Aborigines to treat infections. The smell is camphoraceous, pungent and fresh and the main constituent is Terpinen-4-ol.

Botanical name

Melaleuca alternifolia

País de origen


Extraction method

By steam distillation

plant part

Flowers and leaves


Limonene, Geraniol





Diffuse several drops in your diffuser VOS to deodorize the rooms

Inhale several drops on a handkerchief after cleaning the nostrils with sea water.

acne tea tree oil

Tea tree is known for its antimicrobial properties, Combined with anti-inflammatory properties, it can improve the appearance of affected skin.

Lice tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has insecticidal properties that make it a natural remedy to eliminate lice. They have conducted studies that prove it, where lice and their eggsvos they were reduced.


tea tree oil for hair

Tea tree oil has been shown to be very beneficial for healthy hair and scalp. The antibacterial and antifungal properties protect our scalp from external agents. In addition, the ability to regulate the fat in our hair makes it related to the reduction of dandruff.

To make a homemade tea tree oil shampoo, mix several drops of tea tree essential oil with aloe vera gel, coconut milk, and other extracts like lavender oil.


In a 50 ml container, add 10 drops of tea tree + 10 drops of palmarosa + 15 drops of eucalyptus + 10 drops of lavender, mix with vegetable almond oil and apply to the solar flexo to notice a decongestion

tea tree oil for acne

One of the most common uses of Australian Tea Tree Oil today is in skin care products, as it is considered one of the most effective home remedies.vos for acne.

Thanks to its antibacterial properties and the sebaceous regulation of the skin, they favor an improvement in the cleaning of our skin, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that promote smooth and clean skin.


Tea tree for nail fungus

Due to its antifungal abilities, tea tree oil is an excellent choice to use for nail fungus. Put two to five drops of undiluted tea tree oil on the affected area with a clean cotton ball.

For stubborn mushrooms, consider mixing it with natural oregano oil.

Maximum Dilution for topical use: 2% for facial use-4% for body use

Tea Tree Contraindications

Do tests on small areas of the skin. It can be applied pure occasionally after making sure that there are no reactions, it is recommended to dilute it to 10%. It is prohibited during the first trimester of pregnancy and during lactation. 

Do not use during pregnancy or lactation.  

Always use essential oils in a vegetable oil


It can cause the following effects:

  • Dryness.
  • Itching or irritation.
  • Allergic reactions.

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