In accordance with article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and electronic commerce (LSSI), it is stated that ESENCIAS VENTÓS SLU, with NIF B61515938, registered office at Crta. Reial 120-B 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona, ​​and registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, ​​in volume 30254., folio 91, inscription ……, page B-170095.., is the owner of this domain www.vosessence.com. Telephone 932520347 and email hello@vosessence.com.

These General Conditions of Contract (hereinafter Contract Conditions) will govern all contracts for aromatherapy products on the website www.vosessence.com between ESENCIAS VENTÓS SLU (hereinafter the Provider) and the Client who places an order accepting the General Conditions.

The General Conditions together with their acceptance in the order confirmation constitute the contract between the Client and the Provider.

The Provider informs that the purchase process through the website is detailed in section 4 called “hiring process”.

Placing an order through www.vosessence.com implies by the Client the unreserved acceptance of these General Conditions and implies (i) that he has read, understands and understands it; (ii) that he is of legal age and has sufficient legal and acting capacity to contract and assume the obligations set forth in the General Conditions.

Likewise, the Client, when formalizing his order, acknowledges having read, understood and understood the Privacy Policy of the website, as well as knowing the characteristics and description of the products purchased, expressing his agreement.

These General Conditions will be in force and will be mandatory during the time they are published on the website and until they are modified.

The Provider reserves the right to unilaterally make any update, modification or change of the General Conditions that it deems appropriate, of which it will inform the Client by publishing it on the website and from then on they will be mandatory for the new users.vos orders that are formalized through the website. However, the Provider reserves the right to apply, in certain cases, Particular Conditions of Contract in preference to these General Conditions when it deems it appropriate, announcing them in a timely manner on the website.

Any modification, particular condition, inconsistent or incompatible term with these General Conditions made by the Client will not be valid and will not bind the Provider until they are accepted by it in writing.

The Customer has the right to withdraw and cancel the order placed, returning, where appropriate, the product received, without the need for justification. The exercise of this right is regulated in the Returns Policy, located at the bottom right of the website screen.


On the one hand, the Provider of the products contracted by the Client is ESENCIAS VENTÓS SLU, with a contact telephone number 932520347

On the other hand, the Client whose data is provided at the time of placing an order or at the time of registration/registration on the website, being responsible for the veracity, timeliness and accuracy of the personal data provided.

Contracting through the Provider's website is reserved solely and exclusively for natural persons of legal age, 18 years of age, so that if the Client does not have the minimum age indicated, they should not place any order.

The Provider reserves the right to cancel the order and the account of a Client if speculative fraudulent acts are detected.vos or in bad faith in the use of the service.


The offer and representation of the products and their prices on the website does not entail any commitment or binding offer for the Provider and is considered an invitation to place an order.

An order from the Client does not bind The Provider until the Provider is aware of it and expressly accepts it in writing, the contract being perfected from the issuance to the Client of the order confirmation.

If an order confirmation sent by the Provider differs from the order requested by the Client, the contract will be governed in accordance with the order confirmation, unless the Client rejects the confirmation in writing within 24 hours of receiving the confirmation. confirmation, after which the confirmation of the order made by the Provider shall be deemed accepted by the Client.

A confirmed order may only be modified or canceled by mutual written agreement between the Client and the Provider.


In accordance with article 27 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the process to be followed for contracting the products offered on the webside is detailed.

The contracting procedure may be carried out in the languages


Orders may be made through two contracting channels, either by placing orders without being a "Registered Customer", or by previously registering as a "Registered Customer", creating a user account.

4.1.- Newvos Registered users.

In order to register and open a user account, you must click on the icon at the top right of the screen and then click on “REGISTER”. Next, the Client must fill in the fields (indicating the mandatory ones to be able to register as a user) with the personal data that is required.

At the end of the form there are two boxes referring to the processing of the Client's personal data by the Service Provider. The first, with a direct link to the Privacy Policy, must be accepted by the Client in order to register and create a user account; the second must only be accepted if the Client consents and accepts the use of their personal data in order to receive information and advertising from the Service Provider by electronic means, email and/or equivalent means, by clicking on the "REGISTER" tab below. . Finally, the Customer will receive an email confirming the creation of the user account, indicating an automatically generated username and password, as well as a link to access their account. The Client may modify his username and password by accessing his account and receiving an email confirming the changes.

The Client undertakes to make diligent use of the username and password, not to make them available to third parties and to notify the Provider of their loss or theft, or of possible access to the user account by an unauthorized third party, The Provider proceeding to block the user account.

4.2.- Access to Users Already Registered.

In order to access your user account and be able to place an order, you must click on it and then by clicking on “ACCESS” log in by entering your username and password.

By accessing the account, the Client, in addition to placing orders, will access information on the status of their orders.

4.3.- Process to formalize an order.

To place an order, the Customer, whether or not they have a user account, can search for the product in the search engine located at or select the image of the chosen product. Once the product has been selected, you must click on the image to see its .

The Customer may select the number of units and the measure of quantity per unit of the chosen product.

Next, you must click on "add to cart" and the product will be placed in the basket to later formalize the order. During the order process, the Customer has the possibility of modifying the content of his cart by removing or adding products to the cart.

As a result, the list of selected products and the total price with taxes and the shipping cost will be obtained. If the Customer agrees, they must click on “Finish purchase”. Next, the Client must fill in or confirm their data, choose the payment method (Paypal – Bizum – Card payment), enter the payment data, click on the tabs corresponding to the privacy policy and the general contracting conditions and, Then, click to confirm the order on "Go to PayPal" or "Place the Order". The Client will see on the screen the information of the order made and must confirm or cancel the order. Confirming the order, the Client will see on the screen the complete data of the purchase order with its corresponding code number, being able to print said document.

Once the purchase order is received, the Provider will immediately send a confirmation of the order to the email address indicated by the Client, together with the invoice indicating the payment due date. It is recommended that the Client check the order confirmation and notify the Provider in writing of any errors, if any, otherwise what is established in the order confirmation will apply.


Unless the Provider and the Client have agreed otherwise in writing, the delivery will be made at the Client's address indicated in the order. The shipment is associated with certain expenses that may be assumed by the Client depending on the amount of the order placed. .

The delivery time, unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation, will be 30 calendar days from the day after the order is placed, the delivery time may vary depending on the Customer's jurisdiction. In case of delay in delivery with respect to the indicated periods, the Provider must notify the Client and set a new delivery period, without the Client having the right to demand any compensation.

In the event that the Provider fails to comply with the agreed term, either initially or after the expiration of the first delivery term, the Client may terminate the contract and request a refund of the amounts paid. And in the event that the amounts paid are not returned, he may claim to be paid double the amount owed.

The Provider is not responsible for the delay or non-delivery of the product in cases of force majeure and other unforeseeable events or events beyond the control of the Provider. In such cases, the Provider may cancel or suspend all or part of the agreed deliveries.

In any case, the delivery dates are subject to the availability of the product by the Provider.

The Provider reserves the right to split deliveries to the Client when the availability of the product does not allow him to complete the order in one go, such circumstance being communicated to the Client. In such a case, each partial delivery will be considered as an independent operation for billing and payment purposes.

In the case of agreed deliveries in installments or periodic supplies, the Provider may suspend deliveries in the event that the Client fails to pay for a delivery.

The Customer undertakes to accept the products diligently and as agreed in the order confirmation. If the Client refuses or delays the receipt of the products purchased, the Provider may:

  • Require the Client to comply with its obligations to receive the product and pay the agreed price increased by the corresponding default interest. The Provider will store or deposit the products, informing the Client that they are available, and the Client will be responsible for the costs incurred by the storage or deposit of the products if they are not received by the Client.
  • Resolve the contract.


The Customer is responsible for the proper environmental management of waste and used packaging.




The Provider guarantees that the delivered product corresponds to its description and complies with the specifications that correspond to it according to the Provider's standard at the time of departure from its warehouse, with its legally recognized guarantee periods.


The instructions, indications and advice of the Provider on handling, transport, storage, conservation, expiration, applications and use of the product, are only informative.


The Provider does not guarantee the suitability of the product for resale, nor its suitability to achieve a specific result or to be subject to further processes, manipulations or mixtures.




The price will be the one in force on the date of the invoice, however, the Provider may make changes to the price if significant changes occur after receiving the offer and issuing the invoice.vos in prices with respect to currency exchange rates, raw materials, packaging material, etc. The price changes communicated by the Provider will be understood as accepted by the Client if he does not communicate any objection in writing within the following 10 calendar days.


All prices indicated in the product sheet are net price without carrying and will be expressed in EUROS (€). The price, unless otherwise indicated, does not include shipping, transportation, customs duties, insurance and other similar charges that are borne by the Customer based on the amount of the order, and the Provider cannot determine its exact amount. as they depend on local taxes and customs.


Orders will be billed on the day of your order confirmation and are payable on the due date indicated in the order confirmation sent to the Customer.




When placing the order, the Customer may choose the payment method by:


Credit card.


Payment is accepted with the following cards: VISA, Mastercard. The bank data entered is such that the Provider does not know or record these data during the payment operation, does not have access to your accounts at any time, nor can it charge your cards.




By making the payment with Bizum, when the Customer has made the payment, the order will be completed and they will receive an email with the summary of their order.




Choosing this form of payment, once the order is finished, our website will redirect you to the official Paypal website where you can make the payment. When the Client has made the payment, the order will be finalized and they will receive an email with the summary of their order.


Against reimbursement

The customer will make the payment in cash directly to the courier with the merchandise



The customer will pay the amount by transfer to the indicated order account. After verification of the arrival of funds, the order will be sent.




None of the parties will be responsible for breaches or delays in their obligations if the lack of execution or delay results or is the consequence of a fortuitous event or force majeure.




The Customer must fully examine the supplied product upon receipt. Any claim for defects will be communicated to the Provider in writing within 10 calendar days of receipt and always before use.


Defects that cannot be reasonably detected upon receipt of the product must be notified to the Provider within 10 calendar days following their appreciation and, in any case, within 3 months following receipt and, in any case, Before its use.


In case of delivery of a wrong or defective product, the Provider's liability is limited to the replacement of the product or the reimbursement of the price paid, against the return in both cases of the wrong or defective product.




Any of the parties may terminate the contract if the other materially and persistently fails to comply with these General Conditions, and the restitution of the services performed up to the date of termination must proceed, without prejudice to the compensation for damages that according to these Conditions General applicable.


For this, written notification must be sent to the non-compliant party, stating that it has been received.


Contracts entered into through the Provider's webside shall be understood to be entered into at the address of ERNESTO VENTÓS, SA, at Crta. Reial 120-B, 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona.


These General Conditions are governed by Spanish law and in the event of any conflict or discrepancy in the interpretation or application of the same, both parties will submit, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.






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