Christmas Home Kit

59,90 - 49,50 without VAT

Hello Community!


We bring you the Christmas home kit that contains:


  • Diffuser VOSaroma
  • Cinnamon essential oil
  • Orange essential oil


Delight your guests with the soft-light diffuser and elegant design of sustainable materials. with the oils of VOS you will create the ideal atmosphere for pleasant evenings, or who knows, it could be a great GIFT, don't you think? Or do you prefer to regulate another colony?



The cold is coming, and hand in hand with nougats, dark afternoons, scarves wrapped around the neck and the desire to get home after a long day of work, wanting to lie on the sofa, with the heating on (some people turn on the fire) and make the sigh of; finally at home.

This is our first winter, and we ask your permission to enter your house. But not with our hands in our pockets, we want to bring a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, those notes that will take you to childhood memories, memories of the typical Christmas movies, that the whole family is at home, that if you close your eyes for a moment , you can transport yourself in that room, warm, with the cold on the other side of the glass.

This is what we are going to bring you, a discreet set with the diffuser VOSaroma, orange essential oil and cinnamon essential oil. It's very simple, you prepare your diffuser with a little water, and we put 7 drops of orange and 3 drops of cinnamon, and that's it. We can already say that we are at your house. We have the goal of spending Christmas with as many people as possible, and for the moment it is being a success.

And you, will you let us in?

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