Clary sage oil

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Clary Sage is a biennial herb up to 1 m. long with hairy leaves. It is in this hair that the oil is found. It has small purple flowers. Clary Sage is one of the most common crops in southern France, along with Lavandin. The plant is native to southern Europe and is grown today throughout the world. China is one of the main producers. The essential oil of clary sage, has several uses and among them, indicate that it is used for the tobacco industry. Its main constituent is linalyl acetate. Sage essential oil has a sweet herbaceous aroma and is highly valued in aromatherapy.

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Product description: 100% pure and natural genuine Calry Sage essential oil.

Aroma: floral, sweet, pink

Botanical name: Salvia sclarea L

Countries of origin: China or France

Extraction method: Steam distillation

entrainment Plant part: Floral tips and leaves

Growing method: conventional

Harvest season: August

Main components: Acetate Linalyl, linalol

Chemotype: Linalyl acetate

Applications: The essential oil of Salvia Sclarea can be used:

In the preparation of aromas for internal use.

For the creation of fragrances.

Blends of essences for air fresheners and essential oil diffusers.

In the production of cosmetics for topical use.

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