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Simmondsia chinensis, also known as Jojoba, is a plant endemic to North America. The mature seed is a hard, dark brown oval and contains oil (liquid wax) that aroused great worldwide interest due to the many applications it offers.

In the early XNUMXth century, Jesuit missionaries observed Native Americans
use jojoba oil on skin and hair to heal and condition. They used to heat the jojoba seeds to soften them and then used a mortar and pestle to create an ointment or buttery substance.

Today, jojoba essential oil is highly valued in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, especially for the production of moisturizing lotions, shampoos, and hair conditioners. Its cultivation has expanded in different regions of the world, mainly in Argentina, the United States, Israel,
Australia, Peru, Mexico, Egypt, India.

The tree was used by Australian Aborigines to treat infections. The smell is camphoraceous, pungent and fresh and the main constituent is Terpinen-4-ol.

Botanical name

simmondsia chinensis

País de origen


Extraction method

cold pressure

plant part



Eicosenoic acid, docosenoic acid






We call it vegetable oil, but in reality it is not, it is a wax since its composition contains 96% ceramides, that is why it is very stable and long-lasting, the virtue of jojoba is that it regulates the sebaceous glands, that is why it is a good oil to use on all skin types, whether dry, oily, sensitive, aged, it also has the virtue of calming and deflating the skin.

Contrary to what is thought about the application of vegetable oils on oily skin, they are not true, it is thought that they will clog the pores and this is not the case.
This base is perfect to regulate that sebaceous imbalance together with essential oils.

In a 50ml container add 10 drops of tea tree + 15 drops of lavender mix with jojoba.

This synergy of vegetable and essential oils is ideal to apply both day and night, put a little of this preparation in the bowl of your hands, rub between them to give heat to the vegetable oil, then apply to the face with gentle massages. until its total absorption, “if our faces are very oily, it is because we have put more quantity of



Being a soothing wax, it will relieve us in those moments when the skin has sudden changes in appearance, due, perhaps, to a high moment of stress, the skin reddens, becomes more sensitive, our skin flakes, since there are a loss of water in the area, it becomes rough and aesthetically, sometimes, uncomfortable.
To alleviate these aspects of the skin, we can create a synergy that relaxes us on a skin and emotional level.

In a 50ml container add 15 drops of bergamot + 10 drops of lavender mix with jojoba.

This synergy of vegetable and essential oils is ideal to apply at night or in areas that are not going to be exposed to the sun, put a little of this preparation in the bowl of your hands, rub between them to heat the vegetable oil, then Apply to the area to be treated with gentle massages until completely absorbed.
In pregnant women apply only vegetable oils.
Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight as citrus fruits are photosensitive.



Jojoba is well known for its properties to beautify the hair, ancient cultures already used it to add shine and strengthen the hair, providing luminosity to dull and brittle hair. It is used in shampoos, masks, etc.
It is very effective in hair treatments used as masks, providing silky and shiny hair.

In a bowl add 4 drops of lavender + jojoba, the amount of oil will depend on the amount of hair, we will apply to the scalp with light massages and to the ends, leave to act, approx. 30 minutes, then wash and done.



The feet! The part of our body that we easily forget, that part of our body that supports us and makes us walk every day, we must pay a little more attention, also through the feet we can stimulate and balance parts of our being.

Also improve those irritations caused by footwear, hardness caused by time, the environment, etc.

In a bowl, add 2 drops of tea tree + 2 drops of lavender, mix with the jojoba, apply to the foot area until completely absorbed, better to apply at night, it helps us to fall asleep better.

Maximum Dilution for topical use: 2% for facial use-4% for body use


Do tests on small areas of the skin. It can be applied pure occasionally after making sure that there are no reactions, it is recommended to dilute it to 10%. It is prohibited during the first trimester of pregnancy and during lactation. 

Do not use during pregnancy or lactation.  

Always use essential oils in a vegetable oil

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