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Buy essential oils wholesale

VOS Business is the most ecological and intelligent way to buy essential oils wholesale with which to take care of your customers, retain them and contribute to an unprecedented change that is already underway:
This is your opportunity to give visibility to your values ​​through your business.

Discover our wholesale essential oils

A market growth of 10% per year set at least until 2025 in Spain and until 2027 in Latin America, are more than compelling reasons to reflect on the idea of ​​adding a customer access door to these products to our store to obtain , as well as profitability, recognition and other advantages. Let us introduce you to our wholesale essential oils and explain why you should buy from us. VOS Business can help you increase the income of your business. It is very simple.

Why choose our wholesale essential oils?

There are many reasons to decide to buy our essential oils wholesale, but the ones that influence you the most are these three:

Availability, you will never run out of essential oils to offer

A stock out at a time of high demand translates into a lot of money lost for any business.
With VOS You will never run out of supplies in the warehouse because you can place your orders online from your profile and we will take them wherever you want (yes, anywhere in the world) very quickly.

Quality, the reputation of your business in the best hands

VOS Business belongs to the Ventós Group, a project that has been dedicated body and soul to the distillation of essences for over a hundred years. In fact, it is one of the main players in the sector worldwide and part of its success is due to the strict application of frequent and thorough quality controls.
The attention paid to detail has been polished, year after year, to be recognized, not by our name, but by excellence in each of the processes and aspects that our services include.

Premium advantages, because we greatly appreciate your desire to take care of your customers

We are very aware of the need to change the world and that an important part is played by companies.
The use of natural products to the detriment of chemical, synthetic or artificial ones is proposed as the perfect alternative to achieve that common goal that we are all pursuing: improving the health of the environment.

We want to thank you for this work that allows you to spread knowledge and healthy habits with points that will make your wholesale oil purchases increasingly cheaper. win to win

Sectors that buy essential oils wholesale

The financial analyzes that experts have been doing since, at least, 2014, show their evidence in reports such as the one presented by ICEX, in which the forecast from 2022 to 2025 is estimated to be a growth of 10% per year. . In other words, it is a time of high demand for essential oils by users from different parts of the world and, therefore, a clear business opportunity.


The perfumery sector is one of the most important wholesale consumers of essential oils. We find aromatic notes extracted from essential oils in many perfumes.
the newvos business models that offer their own fragrances also use wholesale essential oils to carry out their proposals. In fact, one of the most well-known aspects of essential oils worldwide is their aromatic power, which has given rise to therapies based on the smells themselves: aromatherapy.


The food industry is finding new opportunities thanks to the use of essential oils as they allow companies in the sector to provide a forceful and effective response to a growing demand for healthy foods.
The use of essential oils is proposed as a perfect alternative to the application of artificial preservatives which, consequently, leads to better nutrition and being closer to who we are, if we apply the rule of "we are what we eat".


The cosmetic sector has been one of the great exponents of the benefits of essential oils to the extent that they have made their benefits known through the most effective method: direct testing.
Lavender essential oil is perhaps the most used in the cosmetics sector, although not the only one. We offer you the possibility of buying your essential oils wholesale for cosmetic formulas at a very competitive price and with a high quality.


We are moving without turning back towards a sustainable society, which is quite a relief. The user wants new proposals for life and healthy habits, which also includes what we eat. The organic farming industry benefits from wholesale essential oils to produce sustainably, avoiding the use of chemicals to protect plantations.
The producers of urban orchards are increasing in quantity, and also their interest in the phytosanitary uses of essential oils that they can buy through you.


A sustainable society implies good practices in activities that we do on a daily basis, such as cleaning itself. This sector has been strongly involved in this ecological movement, taking advantage of the benefits of buying oils wholesale to make their product compositions.
In addition, it is increasingly common for users themselves to buy essential oils on their own to carry out their home cleaning and sanitizing tasks. Responding to this increase in demand implies forging an intersectoral alliance such as the one that is taking place towards the committed and green future that we dream of.

Types of oils that we sell wholesale

En VOS We offer you all kinds of wholesale essential oils: Organic essential oils for perfumeries, cosmetic producers, companies specializing in natural products, fragrance stores, massage and relaxation centers, natural therapy professionals, etc.
The various uses of our wholesale essential oils fit with a host of business models that are in high demand today.
Do you join a new, very effective and beneficial way of taking care of your customers and your business?

What to keep in mind when buying essential oils wholesale?

When buying wholesale essential oils to add to your business, it is important that you take into account some aspects, such as the insertion strategy. This implies knowing which are those essences that, due to their uses related to the activity carried out by the company, are related.

We see a clear example in professional relaxing massage therapies, yoga centers or spas, where lavender is a safe bet for its well-known calming benefits.

From these elementary selections you can start working with wholesale essential oils in your business, if it is the first time you come into contact with these products and, little by little, discover those that your own clients demand the most.

Frequently asked questions about wholesale essential oils

How long do essential oils last once opened?

In relation to the activity inherent in a business, it is difficult for essential oils purchased in bulk to expire. On the one hand, its expiration period begins to count once the container itself is opened and. on the other, from this moment they can last up to three years without losing a single property. For this, a few simple and good conservation practices are enough.

What should we keep in mind when buying wholesale essential oils?

If you are going to introduce our essential oils wholesale in your product catalogue, it is not only important to know the ones most related to our clients; so is controlling demand, analyzing the output of each product, what consumers use it for; as well as knowing all the benefits of the essential oils that we have for sale in order to offer the necessary knowledge to the final consumer.
In our blog you will find information that will allow you to be updated and get closer to the interests of essential oil consumers.

How much do wholesale essential oils cost?

Wholesale essential oil prices vary from company to company as each brand their own. Our years of experience and market share allow us to offer you the highest quality wholesale essential oils at the most competitive prices. You can see our complete catalog here.