VOS Pure Essence

100% pure and natural products Cultivating and distilling for more than 100 years taking care of our planet

We tell you a little about us

We are enthusiastic people who trust benefits of essential oils as a complement for the day to day. We have the knowledge of a company that started more than 100 years distilling essences and now we want to share with you everything we have learned during all this time. So that you can feel good with our oils, enjoying their fantastic properties and taking care of our essence.

We have planted our fields with some of the favorite varieties, we have chosen for you the best qualities of essential oils from all the plantations, and we have adjusted our production processes so that it contains just what you need. The pure essence.

Our priority is YOU.

everything we do in VOS Pure Essence has a reason for being, you.

From the moment our relationship, our priority is to provide what you have come to us for and we have some strong arguments To corroborate it, we leave them below.

we are centenarians

we started ago more than 100 years distilling essences in Spain and shipped all over the world. During all this time we have improved our plantations, and we have even improved our stills to have a greater control of the entire production chain. This allows us to be able to choose the purest qualities and with the greatest benefits for you.

Earth there is only one

We have the opportunity to change the way we consume, which is why our activity minimizes environmental impact and we complement it with actions that contribute to the preservation of the planet so that we can continue enjoying life and the products with which it provides us.

Our packaging is recyclable materials so that they can have new lives, our consumption of energy is green, we generate electricity by solar panels, we promote sustainable mobility and much more! 

Stay tuned to our actions to see how we do our bit

Plantations and distillers

How many companies do you know that have their own farms and stills? We YES. 

En VOS We believe that having access to farmers is a fundamental piece for a fair trade and help them obtain productions where quality is paramount. It is because of that we have culturevos and distillers in Spain to ensure that the best essence reaches you. In other parts of the world we have close relationships with local farmers to confirm that we do things the same way. To make sure of this, we are supported by a robust system of qualityknow it in the next section.


In this sector, quality begins from the moment plant the seed, until essential oil arrives delivered to the door of your house. Open the box and start enjoying the nice experience, love quality essential oils and enjoy their properties. Your satisfaction of the complete experience is the success of our quality system.

At the product level we have physicochemical and organoleptic controls which you can request from us at quality@vosessence.com, providing your batch number.


Our mentality is always to be one step ahead. We are in the constant search to improve and create the products and services that our community needs. The combination of talent and technology is our best ally. Be part of our community and you can participate in our evolution.