Lavender – 10ml

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Lavender Essential Oil 100% natural

Aroma: herbaceous, fresh, sweet, floral

Main benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

  • Helps reduce feelings of stress
  • It is known for its healing and skin regenerating properties.
  • Antiseptic

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Lavender essential oil properties

Have you heard of lavender essential oil? You sure have! The well-known scent that relaxes body and soul.

The use of lavender has been documented for over 2500 years. The ancient Egyptians used lavender for mummification and perfume. The Romans used lavender oils for cooking, bathing and perfuming the air and the name is derived from the Latin verb lavare, meaning “to wash.” The Romans also used lavender oil in soaps and carried it with them throughout the Roman Empire. In medieval and Renaissance France, women who were in charge of washing for hire were known as “lavenders”. Clothes were washed in lavender and laid out to dry on lavender bushes. Lavender was used to scent drawers, perfume the air, and prevent infections and heal wounds. It was also recognized in Roman times for its antiseptic and healing qualities. The ancient Greeks used lavender to combat insomnia and back pain. As we can see it is linked to the great civilizations and is still present in ours.

In those stressful moments it can be your ally to create a relaxing atmosphere, to fall asleep just before going to sleep and when applied on the skin it has known regenerating properties.

It has a pleasant sweet, floral scent that makes it ideal to diffuse at the moment you need it.

Lavender is an evergreen shrub with pale green leaves and violet-blue flowers in a spike. The whole plant is very aromatic. It is native to the Mediterranean region and is now cultivated all over the world. Bulgaria, France and Spain are the main producers.

Lavender essential oil is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a sweet and floral herbaceous note. It is one of the main products used in perfumery. The most representative components are linalyl acetate, linalool lavandulol and lavandulyl acetate.

Botanical name

Lavandula angustifolia (officinalis, vera)

Country of origin


Method of extraction

By steam distillation

Part of the plant



Linalyl acetate, Linalool


Usos del aceite de lavanda


Calming/purifying: By diffusing the scent of lavender in the atmosphere, we are able to relieve irritability, stress, fatigue, nervousness, as well as helping us to breathe better.


Reduce stress: Reduce stress, nerves: Dilute 10% lavender with sweet almond and massage the spine, the inside of the wrists and the soles of the feet. You’ll feel that soothing sensation that will make you or your partner feel like new!

Body care

Feeling of tired legs: To combat the feeling of heavy legs, we will make a synergy of aes that will help us to activate circulation and feel better.

In a 100 ml container, add 40 drops of lavender + 20 drops of cypress + 25 drops of rosemary camphor + 15 drops of peppermint, mix with sweet almond vegetable oil.

Maximum Dilution for topical use: 2% for facial use – 4% for body use.


Do not use during pregnancy or lactation.

It is one of the safest essential oils for children.

Always use essential oils diluted in a vegetable oil.

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